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  1. Yozshumi says:
    all to smash Completely destroyed or ruined, either literally or figuratively. After the accident, my car was all to smash. Their company is all to smash now that the stock market has plummeted. See also: all, smash blow (something) to smithereens To break or destroy something into tiny, fragmentary pieces. (Smithereens, first appearing in English in.
  2. Kagagor says:
    to break to pieces with violence and often with a crashing sound, as by striking, letting fall, or dashing against something; shatter: He smashed the vase against the wall. to defeat, disappoint, or disillusion utterly. verb (used without object) to break to pieces from a violent blow or collision.
  3. Yozshujin says:
    A violent breaking of something or the noise made by such breaking: There was a loud smash in the kitchen as the dishes fell off the shelf. 3.
  4. Telabar says:
    Feb 06,  · Created by Theresa Rebeck. With Debra Messing, Jack Davenport, Katharine McPhee, Christian Borle. More drama occurs behind the scenes than on stage, as the team prepares an ambitious Broadway musical on the life of Marilyn Monroe/10(16K).
  5. Vogar says:
    smash verb (MOVE FORCEFULLY) [ I or T, + adv/prep ] to cause something to move with great force against something hard, usually causing damage or injury: Several boats were smashed against the .
  6. Vizahn says:
    Super Smash Bros. on N64 Is a Pro Football Team's Locker Room Obsesssion When the Tennessee Titans lost their PS4s and expensive televisions, they replaced them with Super Smash .
  7. Goltibei says:
    Smash allows you to transform your file transfers into a powerful communication asset! You can insert your own logo and backgrounds. You can also customize your URL, your e-mails sent with your files but also the waiting message which will be broadcast when .
  8. Kazijar says:
    synonyms of smash from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus related words, definitions, and antonyms. Find another word for smash. Smash: to cause to break with violence and much noise.

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